The Wonder of Workshops

Until recently I’ve never really been a fan of the workshop - too many team building workshops liberally scattered with management speak like ‘brain storming’, ‘unpack ideas’ or (my personal favourite) ‘thought showers’ in my past life perhaps (I’m still shuddering as I type the words!).

But a craft workshop is a different being entirely- learning is a given but the social element really makes the difference. Since opening the shop, I’ve witnessed a procession of crafters climbing the stairs in the morning to the workshop room (often looking a bit apprehensive), hearing the laughter & listening to the silence of concentration. By the end of the day, they are a group learning together, sharing stories and helping each other out - there’s proud smiles over a technique mastered, excitement to keep crafting and chatter of new friendships made.

Yes this is the joy of crafting - it gives the essentials of human need in the shape of purposeful activity, achievement of personal goals and positive social interaction. And generally includes a cuppa and a good biscuit too - you can’t go wrong can you!?

If you’d like to join us for one of our workshops - whether it’s to learn a new craft, develop existing skills or try something new - there’s something to suit everyone at Create. Visit the Workshops page to find out more & book or pop into the shop

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