The importance of joy

A recent invitation to speak at the Wetherby WI meeting gave me a good opportunity to reflect on Create’s story so far - and think about the rollercoaster of life we are all on!

A year ago, I was in a high pressure job, juggling career & family demands, trying to remember who I was & what I was doing ... you get the picture. It all came crashing down at the start of 2018 when my body and mind said enough was enough and I was taken I’ll.  At the time, it felt like my world had come to an end - but actually it was just starting.  My wonderful partner and my GP both stood beside me on the bad days and helped me look towards the future.

I realised I needed freedom and creativity to be the cornerstone of my life and that was something my job at the time couldn’t offer. More importantly I needed to do something that gave me and others fulfilment, positive energy, joy - so what could I do & what would pay the mortgage? After hours & hours & hours of research, Create was born.

Let’s be honest, it is a shop and I have to make money in order to stay open and pay the bills - but Create aspires to be more than that.  It aims to be a calming, enjoyable oasis in the middle of our crazy world; it focuses on the human need for fulfilment through creative activity - in this shop, it doesn’t matter whether you have used the correct techniques, if you’ve achieved the result you want then we are happy! It aims to be at the centre of our thriving community supporting everyone to discover and develop their creative side.

Everyday people open the door and smile at what they see, they pass the time of day, learn new things, discover long dormant skills and share their excitement at a new arrival in the family or a new project - and everyday I experience their joy and my own.

it remains to be seen if the mortgage will be paid, but the wonderful people of Wetherby have welcomed me & my new venture. 

And I have found the joy in life once more...

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